Germany tour 2019-2020

Moscow circus on ice in Germany is what we got used to and what we love. Over the past fifteen years, we have visited more than 30 countries. And more often than here we performed only in Russia. We visit Germany almost every winter with our shows. Many viewers have already been to our performances, some more than once. Therefore, every time we try to diversify the program. There were several divertissement options first. Then we showed our winter fairy tale Snow Queen in 2016. This season, we invite viewers to the big premiere. Grand Hotel, the performance specially created for this tour.

About the show

As always, acrobats, gymnasts, jugglers, equilibrists and clowns on ice take part in the show. The action takes place in the setting of a European hotel of the 30s of the last century. The main character, Lobby-boy, is a charming young man. As befits a young man, he is in love. And of course, he is in love not with his work, but with the local maid. Their relationship and some strange events taking place at the hotel make up the history of the Grand Hotel.

Buy a ticket to the Moscow circus on ice in Germany

The tour will be held from December 26, 2019 to January 30, 2020. And it will cover 33 cities.

Tickets for the Grand Hotel by Moscow circus on ice in Germany can be purchased on the organizer’s website at:

Moscow Circus on Ice

You could be surprised that the list of cities does not have ice palaces. For many years, the Moscow circus on ice has been presenting its shows including on synthetic ice. This option allows us to perform at almost any venue.

We are waiting for you at our performances in Germany and other countries.

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