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Moscow circus on ice

Moscow circus on ice by Natalia Abramova is a troupe of Moscow Nikulin circus on Tsvetnoi boulevard. Founded in 1962 by Arnold Arnold. We perform circus shows on ice all over the world.

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Unique collective, conflating professional figure skaters and circus professionals from Russia and Near Abroad. Our shows contain juggling, grims, aerial acts, acrobatic and equilibrium. Our experience and equipment allow us to work in a wide range of venues. Moscow circus on ice equally qualitative perform on natural, artificial and synthetic ice.

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Only in last ten years we has visited more than 30 countries with tours. Withstanding competition with ice shows and circus shows, we remain one of the leaders of the world circus on ice . We preserve the traditions of the world’s first circus on ice, from which our team, originates its history.

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Our shows, whether it’s a winter fairy tale or a divertissement, are distinguished by the color and breadth of the repertoire. Only we have aerialists, jugglers, clowns and acrobats perform ice skating throughout the performance. We do not just carry with us more than 150 costumes. We make sure that every detail is properly artistically illuminated.

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Moscow circus on ice manager and artistic director

Natalia Abramova

Наталия Абрамова портрет
  • Honored worker of culture
  • “Honorable Medal for Achievements in Culture” by the Ministry of Culture of Russia

A graduate of two Moscow universities

  • “State institute of physical training and sports” 1970
  • “State institute of theatrical acts” 1976

She showed herself to be the leading actress of the first circus on ice even before the end of the first institute.

Наталия Абрамова исполняет номер в лире (воздушное кольцо)

While studying at the second university, she already works at the Russian Center for Circus Art. There Natalia is engaged in production of new numbers. Efficiency and management skills have always distinguished Natalia. Thanks to them, Abramova is actively promoting the development of the circus on ice in Russia. Natalia has became manager and artistic director of the Moscow Circus on Ice in 1999. In 2006 she defended the right to use the word “Moscow” in the title.

разрешение на право использования государственной символики города Москвы

A little later, Natalia Abramova received a European patent on the use of the name and registered the trademark Moscow Circus on ice by Natalia Abramova. By virtue of merit she was awarded the title “Honored worker of culture”.

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Moscow Nikulin circus on Tsvetnoi boulevard presents

Snow Queen

Fairy circus ice show

The Snow Queen ice circus show will tell a story of Gerda. You will go along with the little girl in search of her best friend Kay, kidnapped by evil Snow Queen. You’ll pass through a magical land full of fairy-tale characters. According to the laws of the genre, not only people, but also crows and even deer, can speak, skate and perform circus tricks. With the help of these skills, characters afterwards will uncover the story by Hans Christian Anderson. And some of them will help find Kai and save him from the Snow Queen.

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