Snow Queen

Fairy circus ice show.
You will go along with the little girl Gerda in search of her best friend Kay, kidnapped by the Snow Queen, through a magical land full of fairy-tale characters. According to the laws of the genre, not only people, but also crows and even deer, can speak, skate and perform circus tricks. With the help of these skills, characters afterwards will uncover the story by Hans Christian Anderson, and some of them will help find Kai and save him from the Snow Queen. Continue reading “Snow Queen”

Ice Drift

Circus ice show, in which the acts are not connected by a common plot. Each number in this program tells its own story. On the ice, jugglers are replaced by voltigeurs, aerial acrobats alternate with equilibria, the program is accompanied by interactive clown reprises. People of all ages will find here something to their liking. And the most interesting is that all the artists throughout the show do all their tricks on skates. And if you look closely, you can see how each of them works in several acts at once. Continue reading “Ice Drift”