We are in continuous creative search, and we are always glad to new talented artists in our collective. Our artists are not just employees, they are part of a cohesive team. The goal of this team is to give new unforgettable impressions to viewers around the world.

In order to take a place in the composition, beginners often have to master several circus genres at once, not to mention confident skating. Each of our artists is always ready to help beginners in mastering circus tricks and the basics of figure skating. People from the most diverse areas of circus and ice art come to us. And those who are able to develop in the rhythm of our tour schedule, who aspire to best and are not afraid to try the new, remain with us and become the leading artists of the Moscow circus on ice.

If you think that you have something to show to our viewers, if you always strive for more, and the difficulties do not stop you, join the matey team of the world’s first circus on ice and realize your dreams.

In order to get to the audition, send your portfolio and contact details to us by e-mail

Yes, you can become an artist of the Moscow circus on ice!