History of circus on ice

How it began

In year 1962 famous soviet director Arnold Arnold conflated all his great exririence in variete, movies, ice-shows and circus to produce the masterpiece wich became his last. Inspiring friends best artist, writers, musicians, choreographers with the idea of circus on ice he ventured to start this experiment.

The success

It took 2 years of rehearsal process before the premiere on october 16th 1964. Directors, big technical group and artists in the number of 47 worked selflessly together discovering laws of  new genre. And they made it brilliant. First spectators were astonished. Even circus specialists noticed how figure skating dynamics changes general circus genres and generates new stunts. The show was amazing, promissing a bigger tournee not limited to Soviet Union.

New page

The first tour of Circus on Ice in Royal Circus of Brussel in 1965 had a frenzied success and brought a worldwide recognition for our young art. Unfortunately Arnold couldn’t stay with us forever, on june 19th 1969 he passed. This is where Nataliya Abramova appears in the story. Young Nataliya had been with circus on ice from the very begining, first as fast developing artist, then as a leading performer and from 1999 as manager and artistic director.

Today and tomorrow

All the years under a leadership of Nataliya Abramova Moscow circus on ice  is carefully preserving traditions, developing and enreaching the art. Our repute is growing stonger, we attend circus festivals and take prizes. We performed in over 25 countries of the world and over 70 cities of our contry.

circus on ice collage

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