Nataliya Abramova – Artistic director

Artistic Director of Moscow Circus on Ice

Born in Moscow in a middle class family, Natalia Abramova was always interested in the mysterious world called circus.

During her studies at the Moscow State University of Physical Culture and Sport, Natalia Abramova was selected to join a new troupe “Moscow Circus on Ice” at Russian State Circus Company (Rosgoszirk). Being a talented artist with a strong physics, Natalia Abramova managed to learn new circus disciplines, such as aerial acrobatics, as well as figure skating techniques.

 Soon Natalia Abramova became the leading performer in the troupe. Among other acts she performed exquisitely, was the aerial act “Liry”, as well as in the powerful “German Wheel Act”. Natalia Abramova also gracefully performed in sensitive dancing routines. As being talented, beautiful, young and charming, Natalia Abramova was the leading star of the troupe for almost ten years.

 In 1976 Natalia Abramova was invited to work at the Russian Centre for Circus Arts. Natalia Abramova worked as a creative and innovative teacher, developing new circus acts. During this time Natalia Abramova graduated from the Russian State Theatre Institute.

From 1988 until 2002 Natalia Abramova successfully worked for the Russian State Circus Company. Initially as Chief Adviser of the aerial circus acts, as well as figure skating disciplines.

Natalia Abramova was at that time one of the initiators, of the idea to build a circus that included an ice rink, in Moscow.

In 1999 Natalia Abramova decided to devote all her time and energy to the new troupe, called Moscow Circus on Ice. She became its Manager and Artistic Director.

 In 2002 Natalia Abramova was awarded ‘The honorable shield for the achievements in cultural life’, by the Russian Ministry of Culture.

In 2005 Natalia Abramova was invited to join Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, one of the oldest and most distinguished circuses in Europe. This was an opportunity that Natalia Abramova could not reject.

Since that day, have Moscow Circus on Ice been performing all over the world, in countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, France, Monaco, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, U.A.E., Oman, Qatar, Taiwan, China and Indonesia.

In 2009 Natalia Abramova, to the great joy and satisfaction of the Russian circus world, was awarded the title “The honorable culture worker of Russia”.

Moscow Circus on Ice, has under the inspirational leadership of Natalia Abramova performed in different productions, in over seventy cities all over the Russian Federation.